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Nostalgic Candy

Enjoy a blast from the past with some of our favorite nostalgic Candy!
Sold outLemon Drop BagLemon Drops Glamour Shot
black licorice in a grab and go back that is 7ozAustralian Style Black Licorice Bundles
Cinnamon Drop BagCinnamon Drops Bag Glamour Shot
Peanut Butter PillowPeanut Butter Pillow
Natural Ginger Drop BagGinger Drop Bag Glamour Shot
Ginger Drop TinHammond's Ginger Drops
Old Fashioned Christmas MixOld Fashioned Christmas Mix
Mega Smarties Original Candy
Hammond's Holiday Humbugs
Charms CandyAssorted Charms pic 2
Smooth and Minty Chocolates
Peanut Butter Bar
Hammond's Sweet LuvbugsHammond's Sweet Luvbugs
Dark Chocolate Filled Mini Waffle ConesDark Chocolate Mini Waffle Cones
Milk Chocolate Filled Mini Waffle ConeMilk Chocolate Mini Waffle Cones
Vanilla Filled Mini Waffle ConesVanilla Waffle Cones