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Chewy Treats

Indulge in Hammond's delectable assortment of chewy delights, from fluffy marshmallows and rich caramel to tangy sour chews and timeless taffy.
Vanilla Bean MarshmallowsHammond's Vanilla Bean Marshmallows
Vanilla CaramelNatural Vanilla Caramel
Natural Vanilla Mitchell SweetVanilla and Chocolate Mitchell sweets
Chocolate Chip MarshmallowsChocolate Chip Marshmallows
McCraw's Flat TaffyHammond's Flat Taffy Flat Lay Summer
Caramel MarshmallowNatural Caramel Marshmallow Glamour Shot
Toasted Coconut MarshmallowsToasted Coconut Marshmallows
black licorice in a grab and go back that is 7ozAustralian Style Black Licorice Bundles
Australian Style Strawberry Licorice BundlesAustralian Style Strawberry Licorice with Golf Balls
Natural Chocolate Caramel Mitchell SweetChocolate Mitchell Sweets
Chocolate CaramelNatural Chocolate Caramel
Chocolate Peppermint Caramels TubChocolate Peppermint Caramels Glamour Shot
Strawberry Crème MarshmallowsStrawberry Crème Marshmallows
Sold outPeppermint MarshmallowsHammond's Holiday Peppermint Marshmallows
Birthday Cake MarshmallowsBirthday Cake Marshmallows
Oops Vanilla Marshmallow
Cinnamon Churro MarshmallowsCinnamon Churro Marshmallows
Caramel Pumpkin MarshmallowsCaramel Pumpkin Marshmallows
Sold outGummy Sushi
Sour ChewsHammond's Sour Chews
Sour Chews From $14.00