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Frequently Asked Questions

5735 N. Washington Street Denver, CO 80216
P: (303) 333-5588

Do you accept donation requests?

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Yes, however, please be advised that all donation requests are fulfilled on a first come, first serve basis with Colorado-based organizations taking priority over out-of-state organizations. To submit a request, download the Donation Request Form, fill it out completely and send in with a copy of your 501 (c) 3, if applicable, at least 90 days prior to the event. Your documents can be submitted via email, fax or mail, and a member of the Hammond’s Candies team will contact you if your request is approved. All donations to Colorado organizations will be scheduled for pickup at our Denver Factory location at I-25 & 58th Avenue. Any donations that require shipping may be sent at the recipient’s cost.  Please note: We are unable to contribute monetary, chocolate, or outside vendor donations, and all requests may not be fulfilled per recipient’s original request.

Where are Hammond’s Candies sold?

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Our candies are sold in many major retailers across the US and around the world. Target, Whole Foods, World Market, Safeway, King Soopers, T.J. Maxx, Sur La Table and Cracker Barrel are a few of the popular retailers that carry Hammond’s. Many independently owned boutiques also carry our candies, and you can also purchase online at

Where are you located?

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Hammond’s Candy Factory has been located in Denver, CO since we opened our doors in 1920. Today, our factory is near I-25 and 58th Avenue.

Can I purchase candy at your Denver factory?

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Yes, we have a Factory Store where Hammond’s favorites can be purchased. For store hours and location, stop by the “Visit Us” section of our site.

Can I schedule a tour for a school or other community group?

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Yes, we welcome group tours. Please make sure to call ahead to schedule a tour for a group of 10 or more: 303-333-5588, ext. 110.

Do I need to make reservations for a tour?

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Reservations are not require for small groups. To schedule a tour for a group of 10 or more, call 303-333-5588, ext. 110.

Can I visit Hammond’s Candy Factory?

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Yes! We offer free factory tours for Hammond’s fans of all ages. We also have a gift shop where you can find all of your Hammond’s favorites. Details can be found in the “Visit Us” section of our site.

What is your most popular candy?

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The classic peppermint candy cane is still our number one hard candy. When it comes to soft candy, the number one choice is our Mitchell Sweet, outselling candy canes and lollipops every year!

Why does the candy coal turn my mouth blue? Is it harmful?

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Our candy coal has more dye added to it than any other candy we make. We use a blend of Blue 1 and a certified black shade, which is made of blue 1, yellow 5 and red 40. We add more dye to this product so that it looks exactly like real coal. Because we use water-soluble dyes in our candy, the dye dissolves in your mouth as well. Although it gives you an odd look, it is not harmful and will eventually fade.

What is used to color your all-natural candies?

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With a growing concern for living a natural, healthy lifestyle, Hammond’s has assembled a delicious collection of products to meet that demand. Our assortment includes all-natural hard candies, snacks, caramel corns, and other confections that are handmade without high fructose corn syrup, artificial colors, artificial flavors, and artificial sweeteners.  So, go ahead—let your taste buds savor the flavor of Pure, Sweet Goodness™ without compromising nutrition.

Red & Pink Colors – Red Beet Powder

Purple Colors – Red Cabbage Extracts

Orange Colors – Orange and Other Fruit Extracts

Yellow Colors – Tumeric Powder

What is the white packet that came in my candy bags?

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We use silica packets to desiccate the air inside the bags. The packet helps to trap whatever moisture is in the air, rather than being absorbed by the candy. The silica packets are FDA approved, but they should not be eaten.

What is the difference between milk chocolate, dark chocolate and white chocolate?

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Milk chocolate and semi-sweet (dark) chocolate both contain chocolate in a bitter form called chocolate liquor. Note: There is no alcohol in this product. Milk chocolate includes milk as an ingredient, while semi-sweet chocolate does not include milk and has half the amount of sugar as milk chocolate. White chocolate contains no chocolate liquor and is not a chocolate product. It does contain cocoa butter, which gives it a chocolate flavor. The higher the cocoa butter content, the more yellow the appearance and the better the flavor. If the color is a strong white color it probably does not contain cocoa butter, just artificial flavoring.

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