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Blue Candy

Seaside sweets and summer surprises! Enjoy our colorful section of brilliant blue candy. 

Caramel Apple Candy CanesCaramel Apple Candy Canes Glamour Shot
Very Berry Candy CaneVery Berry Candy Cane Glamour Shot
Tie-Dye Candy CaneTie-Dye Candy Cane Glamour Shot
Blue Raspberry LollipopHammond's Blue Raspberry Lollipop
Blue Moon Snack BagHammond's Blue Moon Snack Mix
Strawberry LollipopsHammond's Strawberry Lollipops
Smile Art Candy Mason JarHammond's Smile Art Candy
Very Berry LollipopHammond's Very Berry Lollipop
Tie-Dye LollipopTie Dye Lollipop Variation