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Hammond's Historic Timeline

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    Carl T. Hammond, Sr. accepted his first apprenticeship in a candy factory in Denver, Colorado.

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    Carl T. Hammond, Sr was drafted by the army and left his apprenticeship at the candy factory to head off to World War I.

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    Carl T. Hammond, Sr returned home from World War I and was eager to return to making candy. He started as an apprentice at another Denver candy factory and continued to learn the tricks of the trade.

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    Carl T. Hammond, Sr. proudly opens the Hammond’s Candy Company and launches his first original candy, Carl’s Piggy Backs - delicious chocolates topped with shredded coconut.

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    Carl T. Hammond, Sr.’s slogan of “Nothing is more important than quality” is what likely kept Hammond’s Candy Factory afloat through the Great Depression.

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    Carl T. Hammond Sr. purchased a recipe for a bite-sized, marshmallow confection surrounded by caramel from his friend. He named it the “Mitchell Sweet,” and it instantly became a favorite of his patrons. The “Mitchell Sweet” still remains a popular treat to this day.

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    Carl’s son, Carl T. Hammond, Jr (Tom) was discharged from the Navy at the end of World War II. Carl brought Tom into Hammond’s as an apprentice candy maker, and brought his wife, June into the family business as well.

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    Carl T. Hammond Sr passed away, leaving behind the Hammond’s Candies legacy to his son, Tom Hammond. Tom Hammond took the reins of Hammond’s Candies and it flourished under his leadership.

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    Tom Hammond began to expand Hammond’s Candies factory operations, and purchased an enrober, which is a machine that coats treats in chocolate. This was a game-changer for Hammond’s Candies.

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    The family business continued to expand, and Robin brought in her husband, Emery Dorsey IV, to learn everything there was to know about candy making from her father, Tom Hammond.

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    Tom Hammond passed away, and the Hammond’s Candies keys passed down to Emery Dorsey IV, Robin’s husband. Alongside Robin and his mother-in-law, June, the Hammond’s family tradition of making candy continued for another 16 years.

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    Williams-Sonoma placed an order for hand-pulled lollipops, chocolate-covered toffee, and peppermint pillows. This catapulted the Hammond’s Candy Company from being a local treasure to a national household name. All three candy types would become legendary bestsellers at retail locations across the US.

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    Hammond’s Candies keys were passed along to three candy industry veterans, and huge growth followed. Hammond’s Candies Factory doubled in size, and went from 10 employees to over 60. Hammond’s Candies also opened the factory to the public for the first time and began offering tours and hosting an annual Candy Cane Festival in December.

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    Hammond’s Candies moved to its current location, a massive 35,000-square-foot facility, just north of downtown Denver on Washington Street and 58th Avenue.

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    Andrew Schuman, a candy lover filled with an entrepreneurial spirit (not unlike Carl T. Hammond, Sr) purchased Hammond’s Candies and moved his wife and children to Denver, Colorado to begin to take Hammond’s Candies to the next level.

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    Just four short years after Andrew Schuman took the reins of Hammond’s Candies, it was absolutely flourishing. By 2011, Hammond’s Candies had doubled in size and expanded from candies into snack offerings.

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    Hammond’s Brands acquired Old Dominion Peanut Company, renowned for their brittle recipes, from Norfolk, VA.

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    Hammond’s launched Mellow Fluffs, offering six incredible flavors of snackable marshmallows that delighted marshmallow lovers of all ages.

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    Today, Hammond’s Brands has grown into an iconic global brand that employs up to 200 people and welcomes hundreds of thousands of visitors per year to Hammond’s Candies Factory. Hammond’s Candies now is offered from famous retail brands like Whole Foods, William Sonoma, Dillards, Neiman Marcus, Hallmark, REI and several hundreds of local and regional specialty shops around the world. Hammond’s world-famous, handmade candy canes can be found in Canada, England, Spain, Italy, Dubai, Kuwait, Japan, Korea, Israel, and more. And despite being over a century old, Hammond’s Candies is just getting started.

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    Fast forward to today, Hammond’s Brands has evolved into a globally recognized icon, employing up to 200 individuals and hosting hundreds of thousands of annual visitors at the Hammond’s Candies Factory. With its products now featured by renowned retail brands such as Whole Foods, William Sonoma, Dillards, Neiman Marcus, Hallmark, REI, and countless local and regional specialty shops worldwide, Hammond’s reach has never been broader. Our world-famous, handmade candy canes have found their way into homes across Canada, England, Spain, Italy, Dubai, Kuwait, Japan, Korea, Israel, and beyond. And even after a century in the candy-making business, Hammond’s Candies is still just warming up.



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