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Our Story

Handmade in Denver, Colorado Since 1920

Nearly 100 years ago, Carl T. Hammond, Sr. opened Hammond’s Candy Factory in Denver with a commitment to quality. While Hammond's started as a small family business with a loyal local following, we have now grown into an iconic brand with international distribution. We are proud to delight fans of all ages with scrumptious treats crafted by hand from start to finish. Learn more about our history.

Picture of the owner of Hammond's Candies

Andrew Schuman

President & CEO

Andrew Schuman purchased Hammond’s Candies in 2007 and moved to the Mile High City with his wife and children. His specialty retail experience and entrepreneurial zeal, very similar to Carl T. Hammond, Sr. himself, was exactly what Hammond's needed to rise to the next level of success. Within four short years after Andy took over, Hammond’s Candies doubled in size and the company continues to thrive under his leadership today.