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Vanilla Mitchell Sweets

Marshmallows & Caramels

Treat yourself to the delicious bite-sized goodness of Hammond’s handmade Marshmallows and Caramels.
Hammond's Double Chocolate Hot CocoaDouble Chocolate Cocoa Mix Glamour Shot
Candy Cane Crunch Cocoa TinCandy Cane Crunch Cocoa and Peppermint Stirrers
Wasabi Snack MixWassup Wasabi Snack Bag Glamour Shot
The Big Easy Snack MixThe Big Easy Snack Bag Glamour Shot
Midnight Snack BagMidnight Snack Mix Football Photo
Blue Moon Snack BagHammond's Blue Moon Snack Mix
Trailblazer Snack BagHammond's Trailblazer Snack Mix
Sold outSunny day Snack BagSunny Day Snack Bag Glamour shot
Totally Nuts Snack MixHammond's Totally Nuts Snack Mix
The Perfect Balance Snack BagHammond's Perfect Balance Snack Mix
Crantastic Snack BagCrantastic Snack Mix
Snack Mix Sampler Gift BoxSnack Mix Sampler Glamour Shot
Milk Chocolate Cookie BarDark and Milk Chocolate Cookie Bar
Chocolate Chip CookiesChocolate Chip Cookies
Birthday Cake CookiesHammond's Birthday Cake Cookies
Sweet and Cheesy PopcornSweet and Cheesy Popcorn Glamour Shot
Honey Peanut PopcornHammond's Honey Peanut Popcorn Picnic
Churro PopcornChurro Popcorn Glamour Shot
Birthday Cake PopcornHammond's Birthday Cake Popcorn
Cheesy Pizza PopcornCheesy Pizza Popcorn Glamour Shot