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Discover the sweet allure of Hammond's Candies Dive into a world of colorful lollipops, juicy jelly bellies, and one-of-a-kind candy canes. Handcrafted with passion, our candies blend tradition with tantalizing taste. Perfect for gifting or indulging. Delight in every bite.
Wintergreen Candy CaneWintergreen Candy Cane Glamour Shot
Organic Cherry Candy CaneOrganic Cherry Candy Cane Glamour Shot
Cookie Candy Canes Filled with FrostingSugar Cookie Cane Glamour Shot
Cinnamon Candy CaneCinnamon Candy Cane Glamour Shot
Organic Cinnamon Candy CaneOrganic Cinnamon Candy Cane Glamour Shot
Naughty or Nice Candy CaneNaughty or Nice Candy Cane Glamour Shot
Organic Strawberry Candy CaneOrganic Strawberry Candy Cane Glamour Shot
Cinnamon Filled with Cream Candy CaneCinnamon filled with Cream Candy Cane Glamour Shot
Lemon DropsHammond's Lemon Drop Picnic
Cinnamon Drop TinHammond's Cinnamon Drop Tin
Ginger Drop TinHammond's Ginger Drops
Root Beer Drop Tinroot beer drop tin glamour shot
Sour Ball Drop TinHammond's Sour Balls
Licorice Drop TinDrop tin Glamour shot
Lemon Drop BagLemon Drops Glamour Shot
Cinnamon Drop BagCinnamon Drops Bag Glamour Shot
Natural Ginger Drop BagGinger Drop Bag Glamour Shot
Root Beer Drop BagsRoot Beer Drop Bag Glamour Shot
Sour Ball Drop BagHammond's Sour Ball Drop Bag
Licorice Drop BagLicorice Drop Bag Glamour Shot