Make Your Christmas Gift Giving Special with Hammond's Candies

Whether you’re last-minute Christmas shopping or want to spruce up what’s under the tree with some special treats, Hammond’s Candies has made you an easy 2021 Christmas gift checklist. Below you’ll find some best-sellers and some unique favorites that are bound to make everyone, young and old, happy!

 Christmas Classics Gift Tin

If you’re looking for a Classic Christmas Gift Tin that features a wide variety of Hammond’s goodies, this is the perfect gift for you. Not only does it include our classic peppermint straws, but also comes with our mini ribbon candy and art candy, perfect to satisfy that sweet tooth.

Holiday Must-Have Gift Box

This Holiday Must-Have Gift Box is packed to the brim with goodies, everything from old classics to new delights. You’ll find candy canes of a variety of different flavors, such as the more traditional peppermint, as well as cinnamon and apple pie. It also includes pecan pie, dark chocolate caramel sea salt, and smores chocolate bars. But the sweets don’t stop there, the gift box also includes caramel corn, chocolate dunking spoons, peppermint ribbon candy, and more!

Peppermint Tree Lollipops

Festive and sweet, these Peppermint Tree Lollipops make a great stocking stuffer, as well as a tree decoration. With its simple wooden hand, red bow, and red and white peppermint lollipop candy, it’s a great gift for the whole family. Each box comes with either 3, 6, or 18 gluten-free lollipops made with Kosher ingredients.  

Hot Cocoa Gift Set


Warm up with rich, chocolatey cocoa and a peppermint twist with this Hot Cocoa Gift Set. This set comes with tasty peppermint stirring sticks as well as mini marshmallows.

Hammond’s Chocolate Bar Packs

Hammond’s Chocolate Bar Pack has a little something for everyone and includes flavors such as Key Lime Pie White Chocolate, Pigs n’ Taters, Cookie Dough, More S’mores, Sea Side Caramel Dark Chocolate, Coconut Cream Pie, Bourbon Pecan Pie, Midnight Snack, Peanut Butter Cup Dark Chocolate, and Mint Chocolate Chip Dark Chocolate.

Candy Cane Gift Boxes

Whether you want to add some candy canes to that tinsel wound around the banister, decorate the tree, or simply have something sweet for your friends and loved ones to chew on over the holidays, our handmade Candy Cane Gift Boxes are best-sellers. In each box, you’ll find individually-wrapped, six-inch-long candy canes of flavors like peppermint, apple pie, cranberry, cinnamon, cherry, and caramel apple.

Candy Coal Bundles

Whether you’ve been naughty or nice this year, you’ll want a Candy Coal Bundle under the tree. This fun gift contains two bundles of cinnamon-flavored candy everyone will love.

Hot Chocolate Snowballs

Ready for something hot and sweet this winter? Hammond’s Hot Chocolate Snowballs are perfect. These chocolate bombs burst into a storm of mini marshmallows and hot chocolate; all you need to do is simply add water. Each box includes three chocolate snowballs that are approximately two ounces. They’re handmade and perfect for that snowy Christmas morning.

Sweet Snowy Gummies Mason Jar

Filled with delicious gummy snowmen, trees, and more, these are the perfect treat for when relaxing by the fire. These gummies come in wild cherry, green apple, and strawberry banana and are dusted with snowy, sour sugar. This Sweet Snowy Gummy Mason Jar is the perfect gift or stocking stuffer.


For more sweet treats and Christmas gift ideas contact us today!

Since 1920, Hammond’s Candies has been making some of today’s leading sweets and confections. Started in Denver, Colorado, more than 100 years ago by Carl T. Hammond, Sr., the company has grown from a small family business over the years to one of the world’s largest distributors.

 All candy made by Hammond’s is handcrafted and of the highest quality, so no matter what gift box you choose, you can be certain it’s sure to delight. Check out our selection of handmade candy and chocolate and shop the Hammond’s online store today or call +1 303 333 5588.